Portrait of loneliness

@copyrights ICN Photography
Camera: Nikon D5100
Lenses: Tamron 18 – 400 mm
Edit: Lightroom plus Photoshop Elements 2018

Portrait of Loneliness it is my vision about loneliness and going into the dark side of your mind, when you feel possessed by the feeling of isolation, created by the society who made you to be what you are. And, in the end trying to find your way back to those days when this feeling was just a thought.

Portrait of loneliness serie.jpg

1. Portrait of Loneliness “The Road” 2. Portrait of Loneliness “The Man”

3. Portrait of Loneliness “The Container” 4. Portrait of Loneliness “Welcome Home” 5. Portrait of Loneliness “The Bed” 6. Portrait of Loneliness “The Chair” 7. Portrait of Loneliness “Hope”
8. Portrait of Loneliness “Freedom”