The story of a family portrait

@copyrights ICN Photography
Camera: Nikon D5600
Lenses: AF-S NIKKOR 50 mm / NIKON AF-S 18-200MM.
Extra: Tripod
Edit: Lightroom plus Photoshop Elements 2018

Part 1

Meet the ” Smarties”

Keep it simple using warm colours to show the feelings behind each shoot.

Fun, Proud and Love

Meet the Smarties

Part 2

Meet the singles – The Father/ The Mother

Black and white portrait photography of a single father wishing to be bless with a child and the emotion of the moment when it was happened combined with screaming his happiness.

Praying, Love and Proudness

Portrait 3

Catching the mother daughter moment and sharing of the same feeling love in warm autumn colours.

Come here, Listen and Enjoying



Part 3 coming soon