Mexico and Cuba 2018

Travel Photography by ICN

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Like everybody I LOVE TO TRAVEL and to see new amazing places, to discover hidden gems and to be close to the people.

Postcard from Mexico

Every year i am planing a long holiday. This holiday has to be  far far away destination and in 2018 I choose for 3 weeks in Mexico and Cuba.

Greetings from Mexico City  and Yucatan Region

1st stop was Mexico City – what a city? loved it …..I was every minute impressed with the love surrounding you when you walk on the streets.

MXCD market
On the way on the market – Nikon 5100 Photography

Like every tourist in this massive city we went by UBER everywhere just once we said let’s try the public transport being the only tourists in the longest subway train that i ever seen.

MXCD Maya people
Maya rituals on the streets of MXCD – Nikon 5100 Photography

This city was the surprise of this trip where we found European life style night life mixed with old streets rituals by Maya people.

Ekbalam, Yucatan MXC
Ekbalam, Yucatan MXC Ruin – Iphone X Photography

From here we flew direction Play del Carmen and Cancun to enjoy 1 week  relaxing  on the beach and checking some of the Maya temples.

Chicken Itza Yucatan MXC
Chichen Itza MXC Ruin – Nikon 5100 Photography

2sc stop Cuba

Greetings from Havana

Havana was an amazing city before all the changes to come. Everywhere where you look you see beautiful people with a big friendly smile on their faces.

Cuba car_
Havana port – Nikon 5100 Photography

We cruise down all the streets from the old part of the city to the new part from crossing on the other side until the Havana beaches.

We liked to go around like a local and we took the public bus in the direction beach – and coming back we had an amazing ride with the local car.

Cuba car beach_
Havana beach – Iphone X Photography

I enjoyed every minute being there and for sure I will like to come back but first i need to see more places.

*more pictures to come


For this trip i used my Nikon D5100 – with a normal standard lens 18 – 55 mm plus my Iphone X using the portrait function. The edit has been made with Lightroom ,Photoshop Elements 2018 and Fotor app.