4 different cultures in 1 month! – Greetings from Asia

1 month,

4 countries – Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China

11 cities – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Luang Prabang, Van Vieng, Vientiane,

Hanoi, Halong Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ho Chin Mihn City, Beijing

Travel Journal by ICN 

@copyrights ICN Photography

Like everybody …. I LOVE TO TRAVEL, to see new places, to discover hidden gems and to be close to the local people.

ASIA has always been on my list to visit because of the culture and food and this year (2019) I decided it is time to go!

For this trip I used my Nikon D5100 – with a normal standard lens 18 – 55 mm plus my Iphone X using the portrait function. The edit has been made in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements 2018.

1st stop  – Welcome to Thailand

Greeting from Bangkok!

5 days (4nights)

From Amsterdam we booked a ticket one-way to Bangkok with China Airlines (super cheap). Once we arrived here it was insane; Extremely hot and  humid ,with a crazy traffic but yes….this is Asia get used to and enjoy it! We spend 5 days in BKK ( more than enough to enjoy the city).



BKK temples

The highlight of Bangkok was the street food ,which was to be found on every corner – I personally enjoyed to the maxim the vegetarian pad thai and my favorite big tiger shrimps on the bbq we had them on a daily menu…..yammmmmyyyyyyy!!! 

Bkk street food

Greetings from Chiang Mai

3 days (2 nights)

From the madness to the quietness.

Welcome to Chiang Mai.

We choose to travel to Chiang Mai by the fast way. We booked a cheap flight that interestingly saved us money and time in comparison with taking the train. 

This city is all about nature, tracks and of course the elephants sanctuary.


One tip: go on the end of the day to book half price tour for the next day. All the tours offer you more or less the same depends what you will like to do.


Elephant Sanctuary

In the evening beside walking on the night market try the Ploen Roudee Market(Hipster European style conner) We had the most delicious seafood wok! 


2sc country – Welcome to  Laos

Next destination – Luang Prabang here we come.

3 days (2 nights)

We choose to fly here to gain more time. You also have the option to take a slow boat along the Mekong River to arrive here but this takes +/- 7 hours.

On the way to Luang Prabang



This country, special this city was the surprise of our trip here we regretted that we booked only 2 nights …. i recommend 5 days at least!

Lunag Phabang

The most impressive part was early morning walk of the monks to receive food from the locals. This is a unique experience to hold and i was very humbling. 

morning ritual monks_
The walk of the Monks  – Nikon D5100



Greetings from Vang Vieng

1 days(1 night)

From Luang Prabang we went by bus to Van Vieng …… a small city in the middle of the country. On the way there we were amazed by the beauty of the landscape.

It is a long trip So be prepare.




The highlight of this city was the river tubing ….. floating down the river for 3.4 km into the city with few stops.

Vang Vieng

Greeting from Vientiane

3 days (2 nights)

Back on the mini-bus (the only way to travel around Laos) to a new destination.

Greetings from Vientiane 


Between the old and the new; the temples and the sunset view.

This is the capital of Laos.

Patuxai monument

Nikon 5100 Photography

What we enjoyed the most here…. was the sunset moment at the river side and the free aerobic classes same time, same spot.


3rd country – Welcome to Vietnam

Greetings from Hanoi

3 days ( 2 nights)

Vietnam Airlines took us from the quietness of Laos to the most craziest traffic and noise i have ever seen of heard so far in my life

Welcome to Hanoi!


The highlight of the city was the train tracks located right beside the people homes and businesses. Monday to Friday at 7 pm be there (Điểm Thu Hút Khách Du Lịch Mở cửa 24 giờ)to experience something unique …a trademark of Hanoi City.

Hanoi train tracks

Greetings from Halong Bay

3 days (2 nights)

From Hanoi we went to Halong Bay by luxury Mini-Van ….Halong’s Bay was  surprisingly quiet due  the holiday period: Tet (Vietnamese New Year). Here we booked a cruise for a day and enjoyed the beautiful view around us.



Greetings from Da Nang

1 day (1 night) 

Da Nang a modern city with high buildings and the dragon bridge. The bonus of this city is that 10 km away you can find heaven – The Lady Buddha temple.


Da nang

Dragon bridge - Da Nang

Greetings from Ho Ain

10 day (9 nights) 

In loved with this city .

IF,….I ever want to leave Amsterdam and move somewhere else this is my Nr 1 preference. Our accommodation was in the middle of the rice fields ….with a breathtaking view of the small rivers meandering and through the fields.


I couldn’t stop admiring the Chinese lantern what they were hanging all around the city.

Hoi An lanterns
Iphone x Photography

Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City

3 days (2 nights) 

Time to see the capital of the South – Ho Chi Minh City a big modern different city. We spent here 3 days and the highlight was our airbnb apartment view.


End of the trip – 4rd country -Welcome to China – 20 hours in Beijing

We booked the flight back to Amsterdam with a 20 h overlap in Beijing … We had to see one of the wonders of the world  – The Great Wall of China.

It is hard to get there through if you don’t book a tour ….. it is a long ride. From the Airport we took the Express train to the city centre and from there we went by Metro, changed once to get a second train to bring us to our destination. All this transport hopping took us approximately 3 hours but every minute was worth it.

The way to the great wall of China

Before exiting the airport just be sure ,that you take out enough cash to pay for everything as is difficult to find ATMS to work with your credit card. 

The great wall
Nikon D5100 Photography

*more pictures to come