The art of being famous

The Actress
@copyrights ICN Photography
Camera: Nikon D5600
Lenses: Tamron 18 – 400 mm / AF-S NIKKOR 50 mm / NIKON AF-S 18-200MM.
Extra : TTL Nikon Flash / Tripod / Studio Lights
Edit: Lightroom plus Photoshop Elements 2018
In collaboration with Saskia 

One girl one story …the art to become famous.

Scene 1

Facial emotions in a high key

Sas 11 B&W

The art of being famous - Act 1

Scene 2

Just facial emotions

Sas 30 copy

Just facial emotions - scene 2.jpg

Scene 3

Facial Emotional – Gala poses

Sas 31 B&W copy

Gala poses Scene 3.jpg

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The end