A day at the museum through my camera lens

This is photoshoot storytelling 
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Camera: Nikon D5600 Lens Nikkor 18-140 mm

Once upon a time in the land of The Nederland in the beautiful city of Amsterdam you can find the Stedelijk museum – Museumplein at nr 10 (https://www.stedelijk.nl/en).

Forever 2

Sunday afternoon after my gym training i decided to take my camera and visit Stedelijk Museum the place for modern art, contemporary art, and design in one place. 


I didn’t need to pay the admission of 18.50 EUR because i am in possession of  a Museum Card ( https://www.museumkaart.nl/) what gives you access to a lot of museum in The Nederland for free.


 The nice part as you can read on their own website “The Stedelijk Museum is accessible to anyone who is curious. Also the museum provides special facilities and programmes for people with mobility issues.”

The man and his dog

Walking around i was impressed how big it is and how much art you can find in one big space from paintings or photography to video projection.


If you have few hours available and you are visit Amsterdam my advice is go and spend at less 2 hours, it is worth it.


Beside is a nice place to admire the art, also you can watch the people going around and waiting prepared with your camera in your hand to press click for having the perfect shoot for your social media accounts. 


It is time to close this short photo article with the hope that  I convinced ……how to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon in the most amazing city in Europe Amsterdam.window