The Catch

The Catch in 3 acts

@copyrights ICN Photography

Camera: Nikon D5600

Lens: NIKON AF-S 18-200MM.

Edit: Lightroom plus Photoshop Elements 2018

 The Catch in 3 acts @icnphotography  

In a cold afternoon, I come with an idea to take some selfie timer pictures with my self presenting some objects wearing a glove.


 ….a series of 3 acts called  “The Catch ” representing this society and how the leaders transform us in a human training mind where we just have to catch and not think or react just acting like a robot and follow them into their own world leaving behind our happiness and dreams.


ICNPHOTOGRAPHY Catch project Magic

Catch – From here to there and back 

Catch 2 ICN_

The End


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